ADF rebels butchering Christians in eastern DRC” [Congo]… 3-22-23

“Militants Murder 27 Christians in Nigeria to Prevent Them from Voting in Election”… 3-21-23

“Christian College Fires Teacher for Tweet Calling Homosexuality a Sin” [Cliff College, UK]… 3-21-23

“Christians Reach 10 Cities After Receiving A Vision Of Revival In California”… 3-21-23

After 8+ hour debate, Church of England’s General Synod (national assembly) votes 250-181 in favor of blessing homosexuality… 2-9-23

“Religion news 8 February 2023” (Church of England) from Religion Media Centre… 2-8-23

The “Freedom from Religion Foundation” goes after Deion… 2-7-23

“War On Religion Spiking In US And UK – OpEd”… 2-6-23

“Growing numbers of people are flocking to U.S. churches that center their practice around a bitter psychedelic tea known as ayahuasca”… 2-2-23

“Pakistan Tightens Its Blasphemy Laws”… 2-1-23

“Husseini Mawakab Int’l Committee hosts tribesmen, religious clerics and intellectuals” (Iran)… 2-1-23

“Methodist university [Seattle Pacific] removes LGBT pride flags from campus”… 2-1-23

“New research shows that parents value faith-related values, but often don’t worry about passing on religious traditions”… 1-31-23

“‘A New Religious Cult – the Church of Woke’: London School of Economics Cancels Christian Holidays Lent, Easter”… 1-31-23

“Newark Council President…will introduce a resolution declaring February 1st World Hijab Day in the City of Newark”… 1-31-23

“Young people are on our side against same-sex relationships, says CEEC official” (Anglican)… 1-31-23

“PM touts religious freedom, praises Christian contributions to Cambodia”… 1-27-23

“Colorado baker loses appeal over birthday cake for gender transition celebration”… 1-26-23

“In Victory for Religious Freedom, Student Will Be Allowed to Wear ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Mask at School” (Mississippi)… 1-26-23

Americans United for Separation of Church & State and the National Women’s Law Center sue to block Missouri abortion ban… 1-26-23

“‘He Gets Us’ organizers hope to spend $1 billion to promote Jesus. Will anyone care?”… 1-26-23

“United Methodists Lose 1,800 Churches in Split Over LGBT Stance”… only 1,831 out of 31,000 congregations nationwide disaffiliate since 2019…window closes Dec 31… 1-24-23

“France: More women, children returned from Islamic State [fenced] camps in Syria”…around 50,000 Syrians and Iraqis, nearly 20,000 of them children, rest mostly wives or widows of ISIS fighters… 1-24-23

“Disney Under Fire For Saying Jesus Was Just A Man, Lutherans Call For Boycott”… 1-24-23

Irish TV show “A derisive chuckle at American-style born-again puritanism [evangelical Christianity]?”… 1-24-23

Atheist Group Complains after Sheriff’s Office Celebrates 300 Baptisms” (Indiana)… 1-24-23

John Stossel on “The Recycling Religion”… 1-18-23

“Kazachstan tries to ban import of Bibles”… 1-18-23

“Two leaders of the new U.S. House could put Baptist diversity in the news spotlight” [Kevin McCarthy, Speaker, and Hakim Jefferies, Minority Leader]… 1-17-23

“Black, LGBTQ+, and religious groups ask Biden to drop the National Prayer Breakfast”… 1-17-23

“After religious freedom objection, US Merchant Marine Academy obscures massive painting of Jesus at sea”… 1-17-23

“The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2023″… 1-17-23

“[Philadelphia] Flyers’ Ivan Provorov boycotts [homosexual] Pride night, cites religion [Russian Orthodox]”… 1-17-23

“Conference on religious trauma aims to equip survivors for recovery”…”Raised by evangelical Christian missionaries, [she] struggled for years with anxiety, depression and eating disorders”… 1-13-23

“‘Religion is poison,’ ‘Death to Christmas’: Kansas City Council candidate Chris Gahagan and his virulently anti-religion tweets”… 1-13-23

“A federal judge [Eugene, OR] has dismissed a lawsuit by 40 LGBTQ+ individuals against the U.S. Department of Education challenging a provision of Title IX that allows religious colleges to seek exemptions from the civil rights law’s bar against sex-based discrimination”… 1-13-23

“Supreme Court takes up Christian postal worker’s religious claim” [working Sunday]… 1-13-23

“Number of Israeli Christians Slowly Rising”… 1-12-23

“Buddhist Chaplain” Job description, King’s College London… 1-11-23

“Harvest [Methodist] Church vote could reignite Methodist lawsuit” [Alabama]… 1-11-23

“Radical Muslims Kill Christian after Religion Debate” [Kenya]… 1-11-23

“Study: Germany one of the least religious countries”… 1-11-23; “Most Dutch people do not belong to a church”… 12-26-22

“LGBTQ Christians, Parents, and Allies Meet To Worship at Annual Q Christian Fellowship Conference”…”there is a safe space for queer Adventists”… 1-11-23

“Remembering Scottish Missionary Eric Henry Liddell, Chinese Missionary Mobilization Conference Kicks off”… 1-9-23

“China Christian Daily’s Top 10 News Stories of 2022, Part 2″… 1-9-23

“Cyprus’ new archbishop enthroned, no Russian clerics attend”… 1-8-23

“China Christian Daily’s Top 10 News Storiesof 2022, Part 1″… 1-6-23

“Top 50 Stories on The Aquila Report for 2022: 1-10″… 1-6-23

“Top 50 Stories on The Aquila Report for 2022: 11-20″… 1-5-23

“9 Things You Should Know About Events and Discoveries in 2022″… 1-5-22

“The breakup of the United Methodist Church” and other churches… 1-5-23

“Russian patriarch calls for Orthodox Christmas truce in Ukraine”… 1-5-23

“US bishops’ rifts unlikely to ease after [former Pope] Benedict’s death”… 1-4-23

“United Methodist split grows more contentious as Georgia conference blocks conservative churches from exiting”… 1-3-23

“Queen Elizabeth’s Former Chaplain Sounds the Alarm on King Charles: ‘Christianity Is Under Assault'”…”slow movement into multiculturalism and multifaith”… 1-3-23

“Congress’ new class has much higher percentage of Christians than American public”… 1-3-23

“Rap Artist M.I.A. Responds To Critics Of Her Faith In Jesus Christ: They Would ‘Rather Me Be A Bad Girl’”… 1-3-23

“Archaeologists Reconstruct Huge Early [late A.D. 6th C.] Christian Cathedral in Northern Israel”… 1-3-23

“Pastor, his wife, & 4 others booked under Uttarakhand Religious Freedom Act 2018″…”accused of holding secret prayer meetings. They lured villagers using misleading information about Hindu Dharma and distributed literature about Christianity” [northern India]… 1-3-23

“[Former Pope] Benedict aide’s tell-all book will expose ‘dark maneuvers’”… 1-2-23

“Biblical site where Jesus healed blind man [Pool of Siloam] excavated for public view: ‘Affirms Scripture'”… 1-2-23

“Professor [U of Houston-Downtown] advises students to report scholars who bash white people or Christians to DEI office”… 1-2-23

“Education minister slams demands to remove religion from schools” [Poland]… 1-2-23

“Fact-finding team says tribal Christians in Chhattisgarh were beaten, forced to convert in campaign by right-wing Hindus”[India]… 1-2-23

“Terrorists, extremists kill 40 Nigerian Christians in one month”… 1-1-23; “Islamic extremists kidnap 71 Christians in Nigeria”… 1-1-23

“Islam poised to become the world’s largest religion”… 1/1/23

“UK’s first non-binary priest reveals God guided them to come out after an epiphany” [Church of England, Liverpool]… 1-1-23

“On January 1, 2023, all churches and places of worship in Beijing will be open”… 12-29-22

“Jurisdictional Conferences Redefine United Methodist Church”… “proponents/practitioners of progressive Christianity are finally wresting control of the UMC,” just as “[p]rogressive Christians slowly took over” other mainline denominations”… 12-13-22

“Human Rights Commissioner Resigns After Mocking God, Cursing Christians over Christmas Tree Debacle”… 12-13-22

“Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty testified on the link between Christian nationalism and white supremacy in a hearing before the U.S. House Oversight Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties”… 12-13-22

“Nun murdered, 6 beheaded by the Islamic State in Mozambique”… 9-26-22

“Anglicans, Episcopal Church reach settlement on yearslong $500 million property dispute”… 9-26-22

“Pursuing healthy churches: 9Marks at Southeastern returns to campus”… 9-26-22

“‘Mother, Italian, Christian’: Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s far-right leader on the cusp of power”… 9-24/26-22; “Italy election: Giorgia Meloni’s far-right party Brothers of Italy wins most votes – exit polls”… 9-26-22

“Rus-Byzantine Treaties – A unique insight into the tenth century”…”If a ship is detained by high winds upon a foreign shore, and one of us Rusians is near by, the ship with its cargo shall be revictualed and sent on to Christian territory”… 9-25-22

Built in 1920s, Princeton U chapel architect, “As the Chapel’s official tour tells it, Cram believed “Classical architecture must not be used as the visible expression of Christian religion.”… 9-25-22

“New research identifies England’s oldest surviving church”…Chapel of St Pancras in Canterbury consecrated by St. Augustine in 597… 9-13-22

“Keller on the Decline and Renewal of the American Church”… 9-13-22; see also 9-6-22 below.

Fuller Seminary gets new President…Enrollment down to 3000 from 4000 in 2019…saddled with debt, closed some satellite campuses, put historic Pasadena campus up for sale in 2018…trying to raise 150 mil… 9-12-22; “Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) has cut nearly $1 million in spending, hoping to head off financial disaster as the seminary’s enrollment numbers decline”…full-time students down 44% in 20 years... 4-12-22

“Detransitioners share regrets, speak out against body mutilation in ‘Transgressive’ documentary”… 9-12-22

“MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Says ‘It’s Heresy’ to Say Jesus and Christianity Oppose Abortion”… 9-12-22

“Tennessee Tech investigating ‘disturbing’ campus drag show mocking Christianity in front of kids”… 9-12-22

On Keller, Christians, politics and 3 phases of “Evangelicalism” 1994 to 2022.. 9-6-22

“Zambian Christians Hear the Bible in Their Native Tongue for the First Time”…”There are more than 5,000 people working in Zambia right now, translating the Bible into 20 native languages”... 9-6-22

“Editorial: Supreme Court of Pakistan Says Preaching Christianity “Not a Crime””… 9-2-22

“In Punjab, a jump from 1.5% to a possible 15% in Christianity raises demographic change worries, the biggest problem being ‘stealth’ conversions” (India)… 9–6-22

United Methodist Church (UMC) keeps disuniting…62 congregations split from South Georgia Conference, 70 from North Georgia Conference in stand against homosexuality… 8-31-22

National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) says Christianity demands action on “climate change”… 8-30-22

“Court: HHS Can’t Require Christian Providers Perform Gender Transitions, Abortions”… 8-30-22

Biblical Australian Anglicans form “Diocese of the Southern Cross” in split from established Anglican church in Australia where House of Bishops had voted 12 to 10 against affirming marriage is between a man and a woman despite House of Clergy vote 70 to 39 in favour and House of Laity vote 63 to 47 in favour… 8-27-22

“‘Worst Clampdown Since the Cultural Revolution’: Watchdog Says 3 Churches Raided in China, Leaders Arrested”… 8-24-22

“St Peters birthplace may have been FOUND after lost inscription discovered in Israel” (Bethsaida)… 8-24-22

“Five Iranian Christians Lose Appeals Against Sentencing for Involvement in “House Churches””…convicted of “forming and operating illegal organizations with the aim of disrupting the security of the country”… 8-24-22

“As Nuns Freed, Critics Complain of Campaign to ‘Wipe Out’ Christianity in Nigeria”… 8-24-22

“Supreme Court grants bail to two Christians in blasphemy cases” (Pakistan)… 8-24-22

“Head [teacher] loses fight to drop mandatory Christian worship after claiming it breaches children’s human rights” (England)… 8-24-22

“South Carolina Supreme Court says 6 church properties don’t have to be returned to Episcopal Church”… 8-23-22

“Over 30 North Carolina churches demand UMC allow them to leave denomination”… 8-22-22

“What is the future of Columbia Theological Seminary?”…class size shrinking… 7-12-22

“Eleventh Circuit Backs Florida Man in Religious Sign Dispute”… 6-29-22

“Bonding over Burgundy: A deep dive into its art and architecture”… 6-29-22

Pope welcomes pro-abortion US Speaker of House Pelosi; Vatican serves her communion… 6-29-22

“Hope for Christians in India as Supreme Court prioritises call for protection”… 6-29-22

“The Caliph v The Emir al-Mu’minin: Which Islamic Model of Statehood Will the Taliban Adopt? Two rival theological notions of leadership within the Taliban pose equal threats to Afghanistan and to global peace.”… 5-19-22

“Christian Employers Can’t Be Forced to Fund ‘Gender Transition,’ Federal Court Rules”… 5-17-22

“With Roe in peril, abortion rights advocates prepare appeals to religious liberty”… 5-17-22

To confront or accommodate the culture: Graham or Falwell, Keller or… 5-17-22

“Gordon-Conwell (Theological Seminary) to Sell Main Campus, Move to Boston”… 5-17-22; on seminary downsizing see here… 5-19-22

Discovered: Huge Underground City in Turkey May Have Been a Refuge for 70,000 Early Christians under Roman rule… 5-17-22; see 5-5-22 below

“Does Science Really Contradict Scripture?” (No, says Poythress)… 5-12-22

“New Denomination [Global Methodist Church] Urges United Methodists To Walk Out of the Wilderness”… 5-9-22

“Palestinian Farmer Digs Up 4,500-Year-Old Goddess Sculpture -While working his land, Nidal Abu Eid uncovered a statue of Canaanite deity Anat”… 5-9-22

“Iran sentences Christian man to 10 years in prison for hosting house church worship gathering”… 5-9-22

“Algerian Christians Receive Reduced Fine for ‘Unauthorized Worship'”… 5-9-22

“Gov’t Integrates Bible Museum, Biblical Garden In National Cathedral Project”…which “will transform Ghana, over seventy percent (70%) of whose population are self-proclaimed Christians, into a major centre of Christianity in Africa”… 5-6-22

“Idaho Christians and Satanists Showdown at Statehouse” (Photos)… 5-5-22

“Secret Underground City Where 70,000 Christians Used To Live Discovered in Turkey”… 5-5-22; see also 4-21-22 below

“Sudanese couple face flogging for ‘adultery’ after court nullifies marriage over Christian conversion”… 5-5-22

“Finnish Prosecutor Will Keep Prosecuting Christian Politician For Quoting The Bible”… 5-2-22

“Bible out in Sourashtran language kicks up a row in Madurai” (India)… 5-2-22

“Chinese Communist Party Forces Christian Website to Shut Down After 20 Years of Service”… 5-1-22

“Pastor who warned against LGBT pride events wins discrimination case”… 4-29-22

[Conservative] “Global Methodist Church Launches, Though African Leaders Wait to Join” “While departing US congregations begin the process of joining the new, leaner denomination, many conservatives in Africa are holding out for the much-delayed 2024 conference vote”… 4-28-22

“Bahrain planning major outreach to American Christians””Abraham Accords expected to help boot tourism to 14 million visitors a year”… 4-26-22

“Grove City College Condemns ‘Alleged Drift into CRT Advocacy’”… 4-25-22

“Despite Pandemic Easing, Ramadan Drive-Through Iftars Still Commonplace in US” (Virginia)… 4-24-22

“14m Muslims Have Visited Prophet’s Mosque So Far This Ramadan” (Medina/Madinah, Saudi Arabia)… 4-24-22

“Archaeologists In Turkey Have Discovered The Largest Underground City In The World” (Turkey), estimate AD 2nd Century, pop. 60-70,000, Christian refuge to escape persecution… 4-21-22; ; see also here… 4-25-22

Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Rowan Williams and several church ministers “of Church of England Calls Gender Transitions ‘Sacred’, Pushes for Law That Could Ban Biblical Beliefs”…”The ban now set to be brought forward by the government will cover ‘only gay conversion therapy, not trans'”… 4-18-22

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) projected membership trends: “decline from 1.24 million members in 2022 to 1.23 million in 2023 and to 1.17 million in 2024. PC(USA) membership has been dropping since the mid-1960s”… 4-18-22

“Tenant of Landmarked (West-Park Presbyterian) Church Fights to Keep it Alive”(New York City)… 4-18-22; see 4-6-22 below

“Street preacher cleared of ‘hate speech’ charges for preaching from the Bible” (London)… 4-18-22

“They Can Stay: City Attorney Hits Back at Atheists’ Demands for Removal of Christian Crosses” (Tennessee)… 4-18-22

“Hungarian Evangelicals Thank God for Viktor Orbán Victory”… 4-18-22

“Is evangelical Protestantism breaking into five factions in the United States of America?”… 4-14-22

LA Times chronicles path of young (Dutch Reformed) Christian woman from pro-life conservative to liberal; attended Calvin University and later Calvin Theological Seminary where she met her husband now pastor of liberal church… 4-14-22

“National Association of Evangelicals launches racial justice collaborative”… 4-13-22

“The Crusades Began as a War for Religious Freedom, Led by Self-Sacrificing Idealists”… 4-13-22

“Christian MP Päivi Räsänen ready to defend free speech again as Finnish prosecutors file appeal”... 4-10-22

Restored and open to public: 500 square meter Byzantine floor mosaic in AD 500 Byzantine basilica burned and destroyed in AD 614 Persian-Sassanid invasion of Nahariya (northern Israel coastal city)… 4-10-22

Former Islamic cleric who converted to Christianity sentenced to 10 years for claiming Muhammad was “surrounded by devils and liars” (Indonesia)… 4-7-22

12-member congregation seeks relief from “landmark designation” to allow sale and demolition of 140-year old West-Park Presbyterian Church in NYC 4-6-22

“52% of Dutch are non-religious, many raised religiously ‘interested in modern spirituality'”… “around 70% of the population in the Netherlands no longer believes in God”… 4-6-22

“Brazilian President Bolsonaro Honors Christ the Redeemer Statue: ‘We Are a Government that Believes in God'”… 4-6-22

Undersecretary of Vatican’s Synod of Bishops office tells 1000 people from 37 countries on virtual synodal lecture organized by homosexual advocacy group that the Catholic Church is trying to learn to be “inclusive and relational”… 4-6-22

“North Korea: Christians arrested, martyred in secret worship gathering”… 4-5-22

“Chinese Christians Who Were Arrested for Traveling to a Gospel Conference Released from Prison”… 4-5-22; see also 1-12-22 below

“Chinese churches register for approval after new internet law”… 4-4-22

“What can we learn from Istanbul’s 3,000 mosques?”… 3-31-22

“Hagia Sophia to Hold First Ramadan Prayer in 88 Years”… 3-31-22

Southern Illinois “University drops restraining order against student for discussing Christianity”… 3-30-22

Finnish MP Paiva Rasanen and Lutheran Bishop Juhana Pohjola acquitted of all four “hate crimes” for “speaking the Bible’s teachings that sex is rightly reserved for lifelong marriage between one man and one woman”; prosecution ordered to pay legal costs (Finland)… 3-30-22; see also “Lawmaker cleared of ‘violating dignity of homosexuals’ hopes verdict encourages Christians to defend their freedom”… 3-31-22

“Israel Prepares to Relocate Prison Sitting on Top of Earliest Mosaic Dedicated to Jesus”… 3-29-22

“Two Orthodox Christian countries at war – here’s an explanation” (Russia, Ukraine)… 3-29-22

“India’s supreme court dismisses petition calling for monitoring of Christian missionaries”… 3-29-22

“Why Are So Many Kids Rejecting Christianity? Look At Their Parents”… 3-28-22

“Christian doctor ousted for refusing trans-identified pronouns to have case heard at UK tribunal”… 3-28-22

At the “Promoting Unity and Global Coexistence” forum in Washington, D.C., “Muslim World League Strengthens Coalition to Implement the Charter of Makkah”…. 3-24-22

“Govt plans to reach out to Christians amid attacks, anti-conversion law, FCRA issues” (India)… 3-24-22

Vineyard Anaheim congregation leaves denomination: the “leading of the Spirit” and part of a “process of renewal” or “self-seeking, fundamentally dishonest, lacking in accountable discernment, demonstrably hurts others and especially when money or power is involved”… 3-23-22

“Family Sprayed with Acid for Leaving Islam” (Uganda)… 3-23-22

“He Gets Us” campaign… “A $100 million media campaign is attempting to attract people who are skeptical about Christianity but may relate to Jesus by highlighting his upbringing as a homeless, bullied son of a teenage mother”…; 2-23-22; see also 3-15-22 below

“Scottish Pagan Federation” submits request to deliver “Time for Reflection” in Scottish Parliament debating chamber; various past presenters: Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Humanism, Christian denominations, and non-believers… 3-19-22

Quick perspective on use of BC/AD v. BCE/CE… 3-18-22

Young man attacked by Hindu activisits for allegedly “luring college students to Christianity” near a college; he and his wife booked under section 295 A of the India Penal Code for “outraging religious feelings” (Hassan in Karnataka, India)… 3-18-22; and here… 3-19-22

“Islamic States Unite”: “Pakistan is set to host the 48th session of the Organisation of Islamic Conference’s (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers in Islamabad from March 22 to 23, 2022.”… 3-18-22

“Islamic Prenuptual Agreement in American Courts” (Florida)… 3-17-22

“College officials can be personally liable for firing professor in free speech case, judge rules”… 3-16-22

“More than 20 states back South Carolina appeal [of lower court preliminary injunction] over fetal heartbeat law”… 3-16-22

Private Christian (Mennonite Brethren) college Fresno Pacific University being bullied by homosexuals to violate its Confession of Faith and approve unbiblical views on sexuality… 3-16-22

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams will be the keynote speaker for “Social Action Sunday” at Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta... 3-16-22

20-year-old woman “Killed by Relatives for Converting to Christianity” (Iranian Kurdistan)… 3-16-22

“He Gets Us” campaign…the relevant and respectful therapy Jesus for your anxiety…(how did John the Baptist get it so wrong?)… 3-15-22 and “Six Horrible Deaths of Early Christian Martyrs”… 3-15-22

Woke mob opposing religious freedom being promoted at “Australian Church and State Summit”…; and here… 3-15-22

“God working among the Fulani, Tuareg tribes in Niger”… 3-15-22

Pastor and church members in Missouri create website with information on local political candidates…; and here… 3-14-22

“Zoroastrianism & Buddhism added in SNC (Single National Curriculum) along with five other religions” in Pakistan… 3-14-22

Bad news for the church: Cambridge (University) Union debates “This House would go to Church” 81 yes – 152 no – 70 abstensions… 3-13-22

Russian Orthodox church in Amsterdam – four priests and a deacon – announces split with Moscow, request to join the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople… 3-13-22

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has activated measures to drastically restrict the availability of Christian content on the internet”… 3-11-22

“Grove City College caught in crossfire of evangelical CRT battles”… 3-11-22

“Colorado State’s David Roddy firmly in God’s plan as Rams eye deep postseason run”… 3-11-22

Zion Lutheran Church near downtown Medford, OR, closes after 125 years… 3-11-22

PC(USA) churches: many cannot afford full-time pastor, some have no pastor, 40% have 50 members or less, about another 25% have 50-100 members… 3-11-22

Haryana is 11th state in India to introduce anti-conversion law… 3-9-22; see also… 3-30-22

“Iraq: The Return of Property Stolen From Christians Is Accelerating”… 3-9-22

“Ukraine War: The role of the Orthodox Churches”… 3-9-22

“Just one in three Scots now identify as a Christian”… 3-9-22; “Non-religious people encouraged to “be honest” about beliefs in 2022 census”… 3-10-22

“‘Stop the war’ Russian Orthodox leader on why hundreds of ‘brave’ priests are joining his campaign”… 3-8-22

“Church Leaders Arrested in South Sudan”… 3-8-22

“Islamic finance industry set for continued growth in 2022 despite challenges”… 3-8-22

“The media won’t celebrate these inspiring Christian women. But I will”… 3-8-22

“Ministries Evacuate as Russians Reach Irpin, the Evangelical Hub of Ukraine”… 3-7-22

Gary North, RIP… 2-26-22

“A 300-year-old Episcopal church hopes to connect with spiritual but not religious neighbors”…”there’s no proselytizing or promotion of exclusively Christian beliefs”… 2-17-22

“New [and previous] Developments in Roman Catholic-Reformed Dialogue in the United States” [Reformed Church in America, United Church of Christ, Christian Reformed Church in North America]… 2-17-22

“Group prods Gov. Lee to end partnership for religious charter schools in Tennessee”… 2-17-22

“China’s Communist Government Is Reportedly Rewriting the Bible and Calling Jesus a ‘Sinner.’ But That’s Not All”… 2-17-22

“Liberia: 1st Presbyterian Church Begins 189th Anniversary Celebrations”… 2-17-22

“Islamic mutual funds grow faster than global peers over last five years”… 2-16-22

‘The cathedrals are empty’ (France)… 2-16-22

The homosexual agenda coming to Cuba… 2-16-22

“‘Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp’s Stunning Vision God Gave Him 3 Years Ago”… 2-14-22; also “‘Faith, Family, Football’: Inside the Best, Most Powerful, and Previously Unknown Super Bowl Faith Stories”… 2-10-22

Finnish Member of Parliament Paivi Rasanen and Bishop Juhana Pohjola to make final arguments in defense against “hate crimes” charges for quoting Bible… 2-14-22

“I Left the New Age Behind When I Read the Old Testament”, top-selling New Age author repents and comes to faith… 2-14-22

Number of Christians in Ottawa truck convoy grows, Jericho march “walk of faith” around Parliament Hill, “Even our Charter of Rights acknowledges the supremacy of God” (Canada)… 2-14-22

40 Christians forced into Hindu re-conversion (Ghar Wapsi) ceremony at village temple – rituals of breaking the coconut and eating food (Prasad) offered to gods (India)… 2-14-22; also “sharp increase” in persecution of Christians across eight states in India… 2-14-22

Prominent Indians call for repeal of “Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, 2021” used to attack Christian conversion: No bail, 3-10 years prison, 50,000 rupees… 2-14-22

“Iowa Senate bill on social studies class about the Bible”… 2-14-22

The Monasphre Project: developing neighborhoods only for Christians (France)… 2-14-22

Minister and six members at Xuncheng Reformed Church (China) detained and charged with “illegal border crossing” for attending the “KL2020 Gospel and Culture” conference in Malaysia… 2-5-22

“Archaeologists in Switzerland Have Discovered What Could Be the Last Roman Gladiator Arena Ever Built”… 2-4-22

Odd explanations for the rise of “post-evangelicals”… 2-4-22

“Evangelicals: Who Are The Good & The Bad?”… 2-4-22; “How The Federal Government Used Evangelical Leaders To Spread COVID Propaganda To Churches”… 2-2-22

Costco compares Christmas to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa… 2-4-22

Conflict over Missouri governor’s commitment to appoint only someone who shares “same Christian values”… 2-3-22

“The Louvre to showcase art of Byzantium and Eastern Christianity”… 2-3-22

Christian college in Australia accused of trying to “abusively hetero-normalise children”, Queensland’s Education Minister blasts actions as “unacceptable”… 2-3-22; also… 2-2-22; Australian (partially tax-payer funded) Christian college revokes requirement of biblical sexuality… 2-2-22

“Christian apologist beaten unconscious in Kampala, Uganda”… 2-3-22

France doubles funding for Christian schools in the Middle East... 2-2-22; one view on Why?… 2-3-22

“Wigan church’s bells brought out of retirement” (Greater Manchester, England)… 2-2-22

“Episcopal team to launch virtual reality church services in metaverse, all avatars welcome”… 2-2-22; see

“Suds in the sanctuary: Craft breweries populate vacant US churches”… 2-1-22

“Qualified presence of Christian publishers at the 53rd International Book Fair in Cairo”, CS Lewis, John Stott (Egypt)… 1-31-22

Iran: “evangelism, missionary work, and converting to Christianity can be a crime” – 10+ years imprisonment; distribution of Christian literature in Persian illegal… 1-31-22

“Jerusalem Christians: ‘We shrunk from 20% to 2% of population due to Israeli violence’”… 1-31-22

“The Supreme Court is leading a Christian conservative revolution” – a recap and review of recent cases… 1-30-22

“Nigerian authorities release journalist after 84 days in detention for reporting on attacks against Christians”… 1-30-22

“Christian Pastor, Father to 4 Young Children Dies From Injuries Inflicted by His Muslim Family” (Uganda)… 1-30-22

“Hinduism’s birth in South Asia”… 1-28-22

“‘The Nones’ Are on the Rise”: those describing themselves as atheist, agnostic, or having no religion in particular… 1-27-22

“Ukraine Baptists prepare for possible Russian invasion”… 1-27-22

“Court Finally Slaps Oregon for Anti-Religious Bias Due to $135,000 Fine Against Christian Bakers, Case Not Over”… 1-27-22

The push to normalize homosexuality in the Black church… 1-27-22

Church of England: “at least ten members of the House of Bishops, part of the General Synod, must be from an ethnic minority”… 1-27-22

Washington state to tax churches for hosting farmers’ markets unless… 1-26-22

Christian witness and Creation Mandate: behind the fight for the unborn… 1-26-22

Christian woman recounts confrontation with Muslim terrorists… 1-26-22

“Christianity grows faster than atheism but slower than Islam”… 1-26-22

“Christians Stand Trial In Finland Today For Affirming Men And Women Are Different”… 1-24-22

Britain’s NHS mental health clinic teaches that the Bible and all white people “racist”… 1-24-22

Flak after pro-Hindu government strikes Christian hymn played at annual public national ceremony for past 70 years… 1-24-22

“Witnesses: Extremists Abduct 17 Girls in Northeast Nigeria”… 1-23-22

“22 January marks 13 years since a Brighton care home for elderly Christians won back its funding after the council withdrew it on the basis of its biblical beliefs on homosexuality”… 1-22-22

“For now, though, Christianity is not only America’s but the world’s largest religion”… 1-21-22

“The Church has a ‘significant’ abortion issue” (complicity)… 1-21-22

“Nigeria remains deadliest nation for Christians”… 1-21-22

220 year old Presbyterian (PCUSA) church died, 15 minutes from Penn State U… 1-21-22

“A landmark ‘hate speech’ trial in Finland could banish Christianity from the public square”… 1-21-22; see also 1-14-22 below.

All online religious activities must have government approval. Foreign organisations and individuals will be banned from providing religious information online. Locals will need a special licence to broadcast sermons, worship services and other religious activities (China)… 1-21-22

Around Armenia, giant crosses sprouting up… 1-20-22

“Presbyterian Mission Agency [PCUSA] drafts a plan to focus on climate change, militarism, and gender discrimination”… 1-20-22

“Appeals court says accusers’ case against Church of Scientology can proceed”… 1-20-22

No neutrality or middle ground: The push to criminalize Christian counseling about homosexuality… 1-20-22; see also 1-16-22 below.

“Thousands of Germans Are Quitting Church to Avoid Paying Taxes”… 1-20-22

“The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2022″… 1-20-22

“Ex-Pope Benedict XVI failed to act in child abuse cases”… 1-20-22; see also 1-4-22 below.

Standing against culture-destroying DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity): “Jordan Peterson: Why I am no longer a tenured professor at the University of Toronto”… 1-19-22

Virginia town denies “ministerial” residence tax exemption for church (PCA) property used for non-ordained husband and wife youth “ministers”… 1-19-22

“YouTube Labels John MacArthur’s Sermon Hate Speech After He Said God Made Us ‘Male and Female'”… 1-19-22

“An Insider’s View on the Slaughter of Christians in Nigeria”… 1-19-22

Annual ranking: “the 50 countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution”… 1-19-22

“Emboldened Hindu nationalist outfits have unleashed a wave of anti-Christian violence under the pretext of forced conversions” (India)… 1-18-22

“Man, 31, to be charged with intending to wound religious feelings of Christians in social media posts” (Singapore)… 1-18-22

Pastor ‘forced out of his job’ at a secular primary school after tweeting “gay pride” events ‘harmful’ to children (England)… 1-17-22

“The interesting history of the real name of Martin Luther King Jr. — and why it was changed”… 1-17-22

“‘11J’: A turning point in the repression of evangelicals in Cuba (1)”… 1-17-22

“Thousands of churches raise alarm about scope of new Canadian ‘conversion therapy’ ban”… 1-16-22

“Muslim Cleric Sentenced to Five Months for Calling Bible Untrue”… 1-16-22

Christian symbol found in 1st century Roman motel in Londinium (London)… 1-16-22

“Religious minorities in Iran worship freely” – Supreme Court in a path-breaking ruling – preaching Christianity does not constitute a crime… 1-16-22

“African Christians Face Deadly Violence in 2022” (quick overview)… 1-15-22

“There are more Muslims in interfaith relationships but not many imams willing to marry them”… 1-14-22

“Shenandoah school board OKs religious education”… 1-14-22

(Finland Parliament member) “Päivi Räsänen faces hate speech trial with ‘a calmed mind and trust in God'”…”Christians should not fall into self-censorship”… 1-14-22

“The problem of polygamy in Islam” (and some interesting history)… 1-14-22

“Why this gay pastor has started his own church on the Gold Coast”… 1-14-22

Australian AG’s office: religious schools can fire homosexuals for views on sexuality under revised Religious Discrimination Bill… 1-13-22

PC(USA) decline continues: “no shared understanding of what matters most,” “declining numbers and tight finances”… 1-13-22

“Mob of 200 Attacks House Church in Central India”... 1-13-22

“How Palestinian Christians are being driven out of Jerusalem”… 1-13-22

“Colonial-era pastors helped fuel drive for independence”… 1-13-22

“One Christian freed, another sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan”… 1-13-22

“Is Catholicism in Latin America set to become a minority faith?”… 1-13-22

“Did the Fundamentalists Win? A Centennial Retrospective”… 1-13-22

Christians urge change of election day to preserve Sunday as day of worship and rest (Manipur – NE India)… 1-13-22

“Egyptian parliament to approve new law on status of Christians”… 1-13-22

Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Issac on BLM and his Christian faith… 1-12-22

India’s top court intervenes in Hindu religious leaders’ alleged call to kill Muslims (northern Himalaya)… 1-12-22

Campaign against Christian “hate speech” and evangelism (southern India)… 1-12-22

(Ghana) “Christians told not to spend all their time at prayer camps”…”real need for hard work to turn things around”… 1-12-22

(Muslim )”Militants Kill 18 More Christians in Nigeria”… 1-12-22

“Hindu nationalist leaders called for India to be declared a Hindu nation and for violence to be perpetrated against religious minorities”… 1-12-22

Six months in prison – “Five Chinese Christians Sentenced for Attending Christian Conference in Malaysia”… 1-12-22; see 1-4-22 below

“Standing against abortion at Baylor”… 1-11-22

Fossilized (evidence of cataclysm/flood) 32′ “sea-dragon” found inland in U.K…. 1-10-22

Military clot-shot mandate: religious exemption requests 21,000+, granted ZERO… 1-10-22

“Post-Christian Christianity” (by Gene Veith)… 1-10-22

“Religious revival in China” (some overview and history)… 1-10-22

“YouTube channels insulting Hindu gods and goddesses reported by netizens, two of them deleted within hours”… 1-10-22

“Endless massacres by Islamists in Nigeria: Boko, ISIS, Turji loyalists, Fulani, and others”… 1-10-22

“Israeli plans to curtail the powers of the Islamic Waqf in Al-Aqsa Mosque” and other holy places… 1-10-22

“India’s largest art museum to open Islamic gallery”… 1-10-22

“Israel’s national library sees Arabic site traffic boom”… 1-9-22; National Library of Israel…

“Supreme Court in Pakistan Grants Bail for Christian Accused of Blasphemy”… 1-9-22

“Gone by 2040”? – the church in Canada… 1-8-22

“Madras High Court pulls up Christian priest for remarks against Hindus”… 1-8-22

(Former Muslim) Kenyan Christian pastor beaten after leading meeting of 13 new Somali Christians… 1-7-22

“Women breaking through to top roles in Black churches”… 1-7-22

Anglicans form a “cathedral” of digital worshippers… 1-7-22

U.S. churches on the “transgender” issue – brief overview… 1-7-22

U.S. Dept of Defense teaches religion: Islam peaceful, pluralism best, help “balance” Christian faith… 1-7-22

Number of Christians in England and Wales falls to just over half population… 1-7-22

Venture capital into Christian apps… 1-7-22

“Communists use interfaith marriage to destroy Islam: IUML”… 1-6-22

Dublin presbytery under fire for biblical stand against homosexuals in clergy… 1-6-22; see also 12-21-21 and 12-10-21 below

“QueerSpace” loses queercake case against Christian bakers in European court (for now)… 1-6-22

Group demands atheism at congressional Jan 6 anniversary event… 1-6-22; Geo. Washington’s prayer… 6-8-1783; SCOTUS on America as a “Christian nation”… 2-29-1892

Persecution in India, Twitter Dorsey donation, journalist hunger strike… 1-6-22

Jailed for Sunday prayer meeting in northern India under “Anti-Conversion Act”… 1-6-22

Beth Moore leaves conservative Baptists, wears Anglican robe to serve communion… 1-5-22

USAID funds international network of Buddhists to promote interfaith… 1-5-22

Pastor and 8 church members released from prison in Iran… 1-5-22

More on mannequin beheading under Islam… 1-5-22

Taliban urges “beheading” of store mannequins under Islamic law… 1-4-22

Yiddish copies of NT distributed in NY… 1-4-22

SCOTUS to review city’s censorship of “Christian flag”… 1-4-22

“NYT report fuels concerns that many abortions are based on false test results”… 1-4-22

Law firm to report on handling of clerical sex abuse including period Pope Benedict-Ratzinger Munich archbishop… 1-4-22

On Ukraine-Russia Border, Evangelicals Endure as Invasion Looms”… 1-4-22

“China: Christians Arrested for Attending Conference in Malaysia”… 1-4-22

“Christianity in Turkey and the Middle East” in brief… 1-4-22

Fed court enjoins Biden vax mandate in military for religious exemption… 1-3-22

Censorship and criminal prosecution in Finland for Bible teaching on homosexuality… 1-3-22

Sport stars in Britain expressing their Christian faith… 1-3-22

Myth of evolution still fooling Christians in academia… 1-2-22

Christianity set to become minority religion in UK?… 1-1-22

The future of the church (and 16,000 church buildings) in England… 12-31-21

Hindu religious leader in India charged with sedition for insulting Gandhi and praising his killer… 12-30-21

“Messy” History of Western Calendar… 12-30-21

Climate socialists using comedy-drama film to seduce young Christians?… 12-30-21

Delhi High Court tosses suit against book allegedly demeaning Islam… 12-30-31

IRS denies tax-exempt church status to group using hallucinogenics in ceremonies… 12-30-21

California Supreme Court rules church can be liable for employee’s actions causing large fire… 12-29-21

“The influence of Islam on hip-hop is huge”… 12-29-21

Baptist Press most significant stories of 2021… 12-29-21

The Christian Post top 10 stories of 2021… 12-29-21

Changes in abortion law worldwide 2021… 12-29-21

99-foot Buddha idol dismantled, 45 massive prayer wheels smashed in Tibet… 12-29-21

Evangelical faith in Argentina’s prisons… 12-28-21

“Islam’s Principles for Establishing True Peace”… 12-28-21

How Buddhism spread in Germany… 12-28-21

Police invade Anglican Church in Nigeria worship service to make arrest… 12-28-21

German Lutheran pastors push COVID clot-shots in sermons despite protests… 12-28-21

UAE issues first civil marriage license for non-Muslim couple… 12-27-21

Iranian Muslim senior cleric promotes COVID clot-shot as act of worship… 12-27-21

5 key SCOTUS decisions in 2021… 12-27-21

Founding pastor Barker of 4,100-member Briarwood Pres Church dies at 89… 12-27-21

Baptist News Global top 15 most-read news stories of 2021… 12-27-21

State in south India considers “Right to Freedom of Religion Bill”… 12-27-21

Lutheran church in Estonia hosts Roman Catholic Mass… 12-26-21

Islamic (community) Center of Central Missouri closer to completion… 12-25-21

“Hindus & Hinduism (Part 4): What is the way ahead for the nation?”… 12-23-21

Lutheran “queer seminarians” group suspends first “trans” bishop for racism… 12-23-21

2,300-year-old (c. 322-185 BC) Buddhist temple found in northwest Pakistan… 12-22-21

“Presbyterian” professor condemns Ireland Presbyterian church opposition to homosexual clergy… 12-21-21; see also 12-10-21 below.

Court stops historical society’s effort to control historic church land… 12-21-21

Islamic Chamber of Commerce VP calls for economic integration among Islamic countries… 12-21-21

Push for homosexual Presbyterian clergy in Ireland escalates, opposition called “fundamentalist” “persecution” “homophobia”… 12-20-21 (see also 12-10-21 below)

In-person church attendance down 20+% nationwide since COVID… 12-20-21

Missionaries kidnapped in Haiti escape… 12-20-21

Weaponizing Buddhism in Sri Lanka?… 12-19-21

Lilly Endowment distributes $82 million in grants to 84 theological schools… 12-19-21

NY Gov Hochul speaks at Baptist church… 12-19-21

NY Mayor de Blasio speaks in Baptist church… 12-19-21

Spain’s Catholic church investigates alleged sex abuse by 250+ clergy… 12-19-21

Episcopal Diocese of Iowa gets first priest(ess) bishop… 12-18-21

Michigan city ready to inaugurate all-Muslim government… 12-18-21

Media unfair to connect Islam with crime, terrorism and extremism?… 12-17-21; see also…

Episcopal diocese battles over homosexual clergy… 12-16-21

Chile approves homosexual “marriage” and adoption… 12-16-21

Churches burn in Myanmar (Burma)… 12-16-21

Dead Pittsburgh churches now something else… 12-15-21

Changing roles of women in Mormonism… 12-14-21

“About Three-in-Ten U.S. Adults Are Now Religiously Unaffiliated”… 12-14-21

Changing roles of women in Buddhism… 12-9-21

Changing roles of women in Islam… 12-8-21

Historic St. Louis church turned into skate park… 12-14-21

Why Buddhism lost relevance and how it is being revived in India… 12-14-21

Presbyterian seminary awards prize money to Buddhist scholar… 12-14-21

Oldest known Buddha statues discovered in China… 12-13-21

Nepal’s President calls state to include Buddhism in education… 12-13-21

Sunni Islam, sex surgery, and “transgender” rights… 12-13-21

Mob lynches factory manager in Pakistan in name of Islam… 12-13-21

Palm Beach Episcopal held annual Blessing of the Animals service… 12-13-21

Bahrain inaugurates largest Catholic church in Arabian Peninsula… 12-13-21

Armenia, a “Christian” nation in the middle of “an Islamic ocean”… 12-12-21

Former Detroit mayor Kilpatrick speaks at Fort Wayne church… 12-12-21

Former Trump Press Sec McEnany speaks at Pensacola church… 12-12-21

U Methodist church celebrates its first Drag Advent service… 12-12-21

U Methodist church fights decline with tatoo Bible study and “the borderline pastor”… 12-12-21

Mennonite congregation affirms homosexuality… 12-11-21 Does it leave youth in bondage in the name of “love and support”? Does it welcome perversion when it should call for purity?

Historic Oklahoma church dies… 12-11-21

Presbyterian Church in Ireland takes biblical stand against homosexuality… 12-10-21

Gold earring may connect Constantinople and Vikings… 12-10-21

Roberts warns the Court over Texas abortion law… 12-10-21 Do judges knows more about abortion and the law than legislatures? Should judges, in the name of “judicial review,” substitute their personal opinions on constitutionality for the legislature’s? Did Blackmun and his law clerk fabricate out of thin air the “viability” framework of Roe to justify aborting babies? Did Roberts on his own simply declare a penalty a “tax” just to make Obamacare “constitutional”?

UN pushes desecration of Jerusalem Temple Mount… 12-10-21

Communist China scam: Totalitarian Marxism and Socialism is “Sinicization”… 12-10-21

Sex scandals blamed on evangelicalism’s “complementarianism” and “hierarchy”… 12-9-21

Orthodox Presbyterian Church congregation starts in Thousand Oaks CA… 12-09-21

Making ridicule of Christianity funny and fashionable in the 1970s… 12-7-21

Majority says religious exemptions to “vaccine” should be granted… 12-9-21

China Communist Party aims to corrupt Christianity… 12-9-21

Opposing effort to end opening prayer at city council… 12-9-21

Buddhist women in new leadership roles… 12-9-21

SCOTUS signals end to discrimination against Christian education… 12-8-21

SCOTUS hears argument on Maine discrimination against Christian education… 12-8-21

The State taxing churches… 12-8-21

Poland cuts church capacity from 50% to 30% unless jabbed… 12-8-21

Source says Pope Francis is dying, Vatican in pre-enclave mode… 12-8-21

Drag queen pastor out at Methodist church… 12-7-21

Film “Dune”, techno-Orientalism, & intergalactic Islam… 12-3-21

Pope forgets wall around his Vatican home as he lectures others… 12-2-21

Reformed Church in America facing consequence of homosexual infiltration… 11-11-21

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